Why You Should Not Be A WAHM

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Yay, so you decide to take the plunge and be a WAHM (work at home mom).  Somehow you are asking yourself why do I have WOHM (work outside home mom) issues. Well join the club because that is something that all WAHM go through. I know, I know you were told the glamorous story of being a WAHM. How you will be able to spend more time at home with your kids, or no child care expenses or my favorite you don’t have to worry about what to wear to work. I am going to share why you should not be a WAHM.

Well I hate to be the barrel of bad news but all of that is semi a lie. Hey, hey, hey don’t shoot the messenger. I just want you to have the pretty and the ugly side of being a WAHM. Don’t get me wrong I do LOVE working from home.   Still there is some perks and yes some disadvantages. There are some days I wish I can go to an office building.  Then there are some days I wonder how some mom do the office environment.  Before you jump in head first in to the WAHM let me give you brief low down of what you should and should not expect being a WAHM.


  1. NO COMUTE (Hey that alone is the best part)
  2. Yes, that is a great not have to worry about dealing with the morning or afternoon traffic plus you save a lot of money in gas and maintenance on your vehicle
  3.  You can work from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Being around familiar surroundings and not worrying about clicks in the office but it is you and your fuzzy slippers.
  5. Depending the job you are able to set your own schedule.
  6. There is a reason I say that. If you are starting your own business and working with a company that allow you flexible schedule that statement is true. But some virtual call center company has set schedule that you must adhere to.
  7. No company dress code.
  8. If you like to have casual day at the office everyday then you can because you are a WAHM.
  9. Don’t have to go out to eat for lunch. This has to be one of my favorite reasons from working from home. Lunch every week was costing me about $40. That is a lot of money so to have the pleasure of walking into my kitchen and fix my lunch at home is so awesome.


Not So Happy Perks

  1.  Depending on the job you still may have to put your kids in daycare. The reason I say that because if you work in a virtual call center, then your office has to be quiet and free from distraction. That is really hard to do with small children in the house. So there will be some cost at being a WAHM such as daycare. Now if the company you work for has a 24 hours virtual call center then you can work the late shift while your beautiful angels are asleep.
  2. Some  jobs (such virtual customer service) are not very flexible with schedule.Some virtual call centers have a strict policy on attendance. One job that I had in a virtual call center required that I follow my schedule very strictly. If for any reason if I was late then that was an automatic write up
  3. Distraction from family.As much I hate to say this but there will be distraction from your family. Your child will want some water as some as you start working. Or your husband can’t find the remote control to the television. It will happen so you have been warned.
  4. Working alone (especially an issue if you are not an introvert)Being a WAHM is not for the social butterfly. You will be alone many, many days. I learn how to cope with it but don’t get me wrong I do have my moments when I get tired of looking at these white walls and I have to get far, far away from this house. But if you really want to do this then you can definitely make it work but if you know you need the interaction with co-works around you then WAHM is not for you
  5. Self-motivation.  It takes a lot of self-motivation to be a WAHM. When working a 9 to 5 you all already know what is required from you because your employer has given you the rules of the company and someone is there watching you to make sure you are doing your job. Being a WAHM does allow you the freedom of not having your boss breathing down your neck but you have to be motivated enough to go to work every day to earn a living.

I hope this encourage your decision of being a WAHM or stay being a WOHM. Whatever you decide enjoy doing it.


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