A Simple Cleaning Schedule For The Working Mom

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I posted my first cleaning schedule template on Pinterest back in 2013. It was basic and did not go into a lot of details. Pinterest followers has shared this  template many times. I had an old website called Meet The Brown. My website is no longer active. This  simple cleaning schedule is still being shared on Pinterest. During that time I was a stay at home mom with an infant. I needed a schedule that was quick and simple. That small but simple schedule kept me on track.

Cleaning Schedule



 Updating My Cleaning Schedule

Now that I am a work at home mom. I had to change my cleaning schedule to fit into my working schedule. With two school age children. I still need something that is still quick and simple. Yet still offer me the wiggle room to switch up my schedule just in case something arise.




My first schedule was a basic template on what I did to keep my home clean. This template was geared towards the stay at home mom. The chores listed help stay at home mom do their basic chores. The cleaning schedule listed out swing chores that could be do a daily or once a week basis.

Household Cleaning TIps and Schedule


As you can tell this cleaning schedule is pretty basic and somewhat simple. My update cleaning schedule has change. This cleaning schedule help the working mom. Majority of the chores on this cleaning schedule are done at night. More of the daily chores are now included in my daily or night duties. Download the free template by clicking on the picture.

Cleaning Template For The working Mom



My New Template

If you notice my swing day is a once a month chore. Whereas before I had a list of what my swing day chore was. My once a month chore can vary. This month I am organizing my bedroom closet. My goal is try to finish within two days. If I am not able to do so then I complete it on my next swing day. In addition a lot of my swing day chores is combine with my night chores. Where I was cleaning the bathroom one day a week. I clean the bathroom nightly. Also I included putting up the laundry nightly. I did that to keep the clutter down in my home.

I do a monthly chore list every month and print it off.

You can get a free copy of my monthly chore template just click on the image.

Cleaning Monthly Planner


This help me keep track on what my monthly chore is and to make sure I complete it.

I hope this simple template will not only help the stay at home mom but also the working mom as well.


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