No Spending Challenge: Rules For The Beginner

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No Spending Challenge

The no spending challenge is here. There are some people that can do the no spending challenge like a champ. Then there are some of us that are struggling with the no spending challenge. Some time it is hard to make it through one day.

What I have learn with the no spending challenge is that you have to make the challenge that is doable for you but still offer a challenge. I like to call it baby steps.

If this your first time doing a no spending challenge. Let me offer some tips to help you with the process

Take Inventory Of Your Home

With a no spending challenge it means you cannot spend any money for whatever length of time you set. The reason I recommend to take inventory of what you have in your house is because you can buy the necessities that you need before the challenge. If you have not already done so this is a good time to stock up on your grocery staples, household products and other household items.

The goal you are trying to set is not spending any money. If you go into a challenge without some of your necessitates in place you are doom to quit.

Be Reasonable In The Challenge

I have come across quite a few no spending challenge on Pinterest.  Boy…let me tell you….they are ruthless. If you are game for that type of challenge then go for it. If you are not…then I recommend to be reasonable in what you are able to do.

For example, there are some challenges that tells you cut out a lot of family outing and sit home and do family night type of games. Let me tell you, me and my family would go bonkers staying in the house all day. Now if this is something you and your family can do then go at…but my family can not. There is a lot free outing in my local city that me and my family can enjoy.

The point of the challenge is to make it reasonable for your family. What may work for my family may not work for yours. Just cater it to you and your family.

Prepare Your Mind For The Challenge.

Not spending for whatever length of time can be mind blowing. If you have a habit of buying candy every time you get gas or your morning routine is to buy a Mocha Latte. Those type of habits are hard to break.

The point of a no spending challenge is to break habits of where you spent money here and there that could be use for other necessitates.

Take a mental inventory and tell yourself that today when I get gas I not going into the store I am going to pay at the pump. Or I will take another route to not pass by my favorite coffee shop. Small steps like this can help you mentally with the no spending challenge.

Get Your Family Involved

When I did my first no spending challenge  I did not tell my husband about it. Why?  I don’t know but it was very hard for me to do it alone. Getting your family involved is fun but also rewarding. With my kids they are use to getting a snack from the gas station everyday. The money we did not spend during our spending challenge they save a bought something really nice at the end of the month at our local Target. Family support can help make this challenge really easy and rewarding for you and your family.

Set Goals

Write out your goals for the no spending challenge. Is it so save money for a down payment on a new home? Trying to build your emergency fund? Or saving for a family vacations? Sometimes writing out goals and seeing the goals can be motivation you need to continue the challenge.

One of my favorite Scriptures that keep me motivated is Habakkuk (NKJV) 2:2-3

No Spend Challenge

Don’t Give up

If this is your first or fiftieth no spending challenge don’t give up if you fail. Trust me I have fail as well. The thing to remember is to pick back up and start again. This is a learning process. When you fail this will give you the opportunity to reevaluate why you fail and what can you do different to stick with the challenge.

I hope these simple steps will help you with no spending challenge. I would love for you to tell me how you no spending challenge turn out. Or why are you doing the no spending challenge.

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