Confession Of A Clutter Slob

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Clutter Slob Cleaning





Yes, it is true I am a clutter -slob. Not something you wanted to read from a blogger..right? But I rather come clean about this post before you get you hopes up.

Definition of a clutter-slob: A person that knows they have to keep their house clean but they get distracted easily by what is on TV, browsing social media site or looking at the ceiling fan wondering why the ceiling fan is shaking when that same ceiling fan been shaking like that for years. Instead of decluttering or putting things away.

Why am I confessing this? Well I know there is other working mothers, stay at home mothers, or work at home mothers who are not this superly duperly organized clean person. That wants a clean and decent home but don’t know where to start.

To be honest there are some mother who don’t even know they are a clutter slob and in total denial.


Clutter Home Management

Let’s take a survey…shall we.

  • Do you have labels for different items to put in them and they have everything in them but what you label? Then yes you may be a clutter slob
  • Do you have clean clothes that are still in your laundry basket that you have to search through to find clothes because they are not put into their proper place?  Then yes my friend you maybe a clutter slob.
  • The only time you really clean up is when you in advance that you are having guest coming over. You need stand and say your  name and confess that your are a clutter slob.

This is a no judging zone

Trust me this is a no judging blog. So I completely understand how hard it is to be that Pinteresty kind of mom that don’t do the whole declutter challenge or the whole spring cleaning thing. It not easy when your mind has 10 other things you can be doing instead of cleaning.


So why I am here posting about cleaning.

Well, to be honest its kind of embarrassing. When you have socks that are still in a basket that you keep telling yourself you are going to match up and a month goes by and they are still in the basket.

It’s frustrating because you really want a Home and Garden house where everything is white and clean. Instead you have a Peggy Bundy house.

Now let me be clear my home is not a hoarder type of home. You will not find mountains of clothes or mountains of newspaper from 1980 in my house. Instead, you may see a paper  or books on the floor in my living because that is where my family migrates.

Why I want to help.

What I want to do is to help myself and any other mother out there who want a clean and decent home. Not a home where you kids or family can’t relax and enjoy themselves. A home where you don’t have to dig through laundry baskets to find you kids school clothes every morning. ( So sad but so true)

I want every mother that is like me to know that you don’t have to have the dozen of dang labels to let you know that : “This is the basket for you winter gear.” or “This is the container that holds the pretzel.” (In my proper british voice).  My goal is to help me and you to have a home the is clean that you are proud of.


I will offer tips on things that worked for me and things that i know I will never do a again. Products that I’ve purchase that worked out great for my home and products that was pure garage and a waste of time.

So buckle up. This ride is going to be bumpy and funny. Hopefully it will inspire both of us to be the Beverly Cleaver of homemaking.


Until Then My Friends

Take Care


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2 thoughts on “Confession Of A Clutter Slob

  1. It is so easy to get distracted! I do that even when I am posting stuff on my blog because I suddenly remember 10 other things blog related I wanted to do. I have to keep a pen and notebook next to my computer because of the thoughts that race through my head – there one minute and gone the next! For cleaning, once I start I don’t stop. But sometimes it is getting started that is the trick 🙂

    I have been wanting to organize my basement for a while, you know the place where nobody really goes? Yup and that is why I haven’t got to it yet – out of sight, out of mind!

    1. LOL…so true….I am trying to be better with my time management skills but the out of sigh out of mind has been working for awhile…

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