7 Best Cleaning Tools For Cleaning Your Home

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Cleaning Tools



I have cleaning tools that are staples in my home. They are used on a daily basis and it keep my home sane and running smooth. Some of these products can be purchase at your local Dollar Store, Wal-Mart or Amazon.

These cleaning supplies help me clean up quick messes in my home plus that are light weight for the kiddos to help out as well.

I am going to give you my 7 Best Cleaning Tools for home


7 Best Cleaning Tools For Cleaning Your Home

  • Electric Broom


I actually got my electric broom on sale. The one above is similar to what I have. The reason I purchase an electric broom because I was tired of dragging out my clunky vacuum to clean up small messes. I used my electric almost every other day. It make my carpet look like it had a good hard vacuum. Plus, it lightweight and I don’t mind using it.

  • Laundry Sorter

This Laundry Sorter has been a life saver for me in my home. My husband got tired of clothes spread out across the floor when I sort out clothes. He thought of the clever idea to buy me a laundry sorter. This has help cut down on a lot of clutter on wash day. Plus, it has wheels to allow me to move from room to room to get clothes.

  • Steamer Mop

My steam mop help pick up sticky messy in my home. The cloth that comes with my steam mop is washable. Which is great because I don’t have to re-buy pads. Plus it is good to sanitize your floors if you have small children that crawl and play on the floor often.

When picking cleaning tools make sure it something simple and can be multi-functioning.

  • Broom & Dust Pan

The tried and true broom and dustpan. I have laminated floor and my broom and dust pan is used everyday. Something, I am not proud to say but it is so true.This help me make sure that my floors stay nice and clean. Plus, help me sweep up small messes.


  • Swiffer Mop


So the Swifter mop has become my go to mop. I used to pull out a mop and bucket to mop the small rooms in my home. Such as my bathroom. Now, no longer do that I just use my Swifter mop. I used old socks or rags as the pad for the mop. A spray bottle with my favorite floor cleaner.  The beauty of this Swifter mop is I spray the floor with my cleaner and just mop with the Swifter. No more carrying heavy bucket or mops. Just a quick swipe with the Swifter mop and I am done.  This has become game changer for me and cut down mopping my floors in half.

Use Products that are safe at home for you and your family

  • Spray Bottles

I love making my own cleaning products. Some cleaning products are harmful to environment and to ourselves. I stop using commercial cleaning product because it would cause me to cough so badly that I could not hardly breathe. That what cause me to invest in spray bottle and make my own cleaning products. I have cleaning products to clean my bathroom, kitchen and floors. One of my favorite disinfectant cleaning recipe comes from Don’t Mess With Momma it is simple and easy to make. Click here for the recipe.

  • Microfiber Cloth or Rags

You can get microfiber cloths from a local Dollar Store or Walmart. I even used old towels that are torn or discolored as my cleaning rags (or clothes). Microfiber cloths or rags has become my new paper towel. Honestly, I cannot tell you the last time I bought paper towels. Microfiber cloths can be used for several things. Such as dusting furniture, cleaning mirrors and windows, and even soak spills. Plus, with microfiber cloths they are machine washable which mean I get to save money as well.


These are the essential cleaning supplies that I use on daily basis to keep my home. I try to keep it simple and easy with the cleaning tools I use. I even have simple and easy cleaning routine as well with these tool that you can read here. Tell me some of the cleaning tools in your home that you use to keep your clean. Comment below I would love to hear from you.



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29 thoughts on “7 Best Cleaning Tools For Cleaning Your Home

  1. I have several of these cleaning items. Christmas brought a robo cleaner. Love that thing. Goes under beds and everything

  2. I always do laundry but it is so smart to sort it out in an,orderly fashion and have a good bin to bring it around from the laundry room. I will need that sorter and it makes so much sense.

    1. I love my laundry sorter. It is my go when it is time to do my laundry. It has help me so much with keep everything organized and together

    1. When I first got my steam mop was hesitant at first. But when I started using it and was completely surprise how well worked. You should definitely try it.

  3. I need a laundry sorter! I was shocked when I learned there are many people who throw all their laundry together in the washer. No, it has to be sorted. LOL

    1. LOL. My husband was one of those people. I was like OMG what are you doing. White and black DOES NOT go into the washing machine together. LOL.

  4. We had an electric broom years ago and it was my best friend. Okay, not really but it was so convenient. I need to order a new one. As far as cleaners, we make our own, too.

  5. I use spray bottles as well because I make my own cleaners! I love to use the Young Living Thieves cleaner diluted with water.

    1. I have some Young Living products. I had to start using my own homemade “Febreze” because the commercial was causing me to cough really bad. One time I was coughing so badly I had to open my windows. After that I start making my own and I have not had that issue since.

  6. I bought my mother-in-law one of those Swiffer mops, and she absolutely loves it. She says that it is the best home cleaning item that she has ever had.

    1. She is so right!!! I used my Swiffer faster than I use a mop and bucket. My mom told me about the beauty of the Swiffer mop and it has been my buddy ever since.

    1. Yes it is great tools. Especially in the kitchen. I use my steamer mop on my floors when I sticky messy and I know a regular mop and bucket will not work.

    1. Thanks. My hubs got me the laundry sorter. I thought it was trying to insult me at first but my laundry sorter is one of the best gifts he has given me.

  7. I would love to have a second vacuum, because we have two floors in our house. I am so tired of dragging our current vacuum up and down the stairs!

    1. I understand. I am old school and I believer of the electric broom. It sooo light weight and easier to manage than a vacuum cleaner.

    1. Trust me you are not the only one. I am kind of old school and I embrace, LMBO. I cannot do without my electric broom. I do use my vacuum but majority of the time I am using my electric broom.

    1. Trust me it will be your best friend with small kids…shoot even with big kids (cough cough…my husband).

  8. All of these are great picks. Usually on a round-up like this there is always a couple of products that you either don’t agree with or need to get because you forgot about them. This is the first round up where I’m like “YASSS got them all!”

    1. Aww thanks and thank you for stopping by. I am definitely checking out your YouTube channel because I need help in the make up area as well.

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