Cleaning Tips: The Lazy Girl Guide

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I am going to be honest with you I am lazy when it come to cleaning my home. To be honest I am not “Pinterest-y” type of mom that has label on different containers in my fridge or closet. I do good just keeping my kids let alone myself clean.

Hiring a maid is out of the question just because I am not rich and famous and it goes against my budget.

What a girl suppose to do.


For us lazy mom that is not Mr. Belvedere in cleaning let me offer you some simple steps with  cleaning your home.

 Watch Videos of Someone Cleaning or Hoarders.

I know this my sound far fetch however it is great motivator.  When I watch one of these cleaning hacks videos it makes me want to clean my home as well. It just triggers something in me to make me want to clean up.


Pick Up The Mess

Let me be honest with you my family is messy. At night I do nightly swipe through the house picking up junk that has been left behind. I make sure that every family member (including me and the hubs) put away their things. This has work….for the most part….but it does make sure that our home is semi-clean.


Make Up Your Bed

This is little step alone makes your bedroom feel cleaner. Just make it a habit to do it everyday,


Talk To A Family Or Friend That Are A Clean Freak.

I know this sound crazy but hear me out on this one. My mom and my best friend are cleaning freak. Every time I talk to them they are always cleaning something. That small conversation sparks something in me to get up and pick up in my house. If it something small or big that is enough motivation to get me moving.


Buy A new Cleaning Product.

Buying a new cleaning product or tools is a great away to motivate you to clean your home. I love trying environmentally friendly product that has a great scent but still clean my home as well

Light A Scented Candle Or Wax Warmer

Having a aroma or some type soothing smell not only keep you motivated to clean but it also make you home smell clean.


Hopefully this small little steps will help you keep your home clean and get you into the cleaning mood.



Until Then My Friends

Take Care



Sharing is caring!

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