Laundry Chronicles: One Load Per Day VS. Wash Day

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Laundry or washing clothes is one of the most frustrating, daunting and dare I say it….hated task to some of us. Yeah, I know my family need clean clothes but some days I wish had laundry elf’s that would come alone and wash all my clothes while I am asleep. I know wishful thinking. If you search Pinterest they have a list on how you should do your laundry.  Such as the best time do laundry. How often you should do laundry. What days you should do laundry. The list goes on and on.

There is even blog post about should laundry be done everyday with the one load  a day. Or, should there be a wash day for laundry.

Well….today I am going to break down the difference between the one load a day to having a wash day.

I thought that this will give you the opportunity to decide which method is best for you and your family.

One Load A Day


Let’s start off with the one load a day method. I heard about the one load a day method from Flylady. You can check out her site here. Her motto “a load day keep the CHAOS away.” With this method you basically wash a load of clothes everyday. The goal to this method is to keep down clutter. Plus, make sure that your laundry does not accumulate into little small mountains.

The great thing about this method is you will have clean clothes and you don’t have to worry washing piles of clothes at one time.  Another perk is that really does cut down on clutter. Soon as the clothes are done drying you put them away.

The downside to the one load a day is not having enough clothes to put in the washing machine. Hear me out on this one. Between me, my husband and two kids for one load a day I don’t think that is enough clothes to use my laundry soap or electricity on. There are some days we are in our pajamas all day. To wash 5 or 6 pieces of clothes is a waste on laundry soap and time.

In addition, the one load day can be daunting. There are some days I know I don’t wash because I don’t feel there is enough clothes to wash and I will wait the next day to have a full laundry load.


Let’s look a laundry day.

Let’s look a laundry day. The perk of laundry day is that you get to wash your family clothes on a weekly basis. You have full loads that you can put in your washing and dryer.

Also, this give you the chance to de clutter your clothes. For example that 5T superman t-shirt that your son continue to wear but it’s to small and now looks like a crop top him. Yep…perfect time to give that shirt to Goodwill.

Plus with this method it all done once a week and you are not wasting your electricity or your laundry product.

The downfall of laundry day, depending on your family size, you can spend you whole day washing and folding clothes.

If you are not careful you can start accumulating little small mountains in your laundry room if you do not stick with your laundry day.

Another issue, I know I personal have with laundry day is that it wears you out. Sorting, washing, putting clothes in the dry and folding clothes become tiring to me. With my attention span…I know its hard for me to stay focus to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas on the one load a day and having a wash day. I would to hear from you on which method you use in your home. Comment below.

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