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6 Tips On Why You Should Not Become A Blogger.

You are a new blogger looking at the different mommy bloggers that are making 5-figure monthly salary from their blog. Wondering how are they making this money  blogging and I am not. Wishing and hoping that something will spark in one of your blog post to make it go viral. Fantasizing that your blog will get some type fairy dust put on it to get  views to your your blog.

Even though you dream of becoming a blogger there is more to blogging than typing words on your computer. I am going to give you 6 Tips On Why You Should Not Become A Blogger


6 Tips On Why You Should Not Become A Blogger


1.   Time.  If you don’t have the time or not willing to put in the time to work on your blog you should not be become a blogger.  Just like with any business you have to put time into it to make your blog to grow. Working on your blog once a week or once a month is not a business for you but a hobby. Blogging requires consistency and having a schedule on what to post, when to post and how often to post. If you want to be a true blogger then you need to put in time to help your blog grow.

Blogging requires consistency and having a schedule on what to post.


2.   Not Writing For Your Audience. This will take time to learn if you are willing to read your page reviews. I have put out blog post that I knew was going to get me great reviews and people would love. You not know happen…….. it falls flat. When I write a post that technical or I feel that is to wordy I get all kinds of page review. That is the thing you have to write a blog that caters to your audience.

There is nothing wrong talking about your personal life something but most time readers want something that is important or valuable to them. Think about when you go on Pinterest and search for something. You are searching for something that is valuable to you. Not about little Johnny who lost his first tooth day (not saying little Johnny doesn’t look cute). It is so important to read your audience. This will give you the idea on what to post on your blog and what not to post on your blog.


It is so important to read your audience. This will give you the idea on what to post on your blog and what not to post on your blog.


3.   Patience. I know you have read where some bloggers who got 10k view in 1 month. But, what if that does not happen to you. Do you give up…..NO. Blogging is not an overnight success it take a lot of work and patience. If you are not willing to have patience to grow your blog then blogging is not for you. The key thing to remember about blogging is that you are building a brand. With any brand you want to make sure it is a brand that is informative and relatable to the audience of your choice.

It is a hard pill to swallow when you see new bloggers get success so quickly. My recommendation is go to their blog. See what they are doing to get that type of growth. They maybe posting more blog post than you. Or, they may have a title that is more SEO friendly than yours. The key point is to not give up because you did not get 10K in one or even two month. It just to be patient with yourself and your blog and learn from the process.

You want to pick a niche that is easy for you to blog about.



4.   Pick A Niche. Some people may go against this but I think it good to have some type of niche in mind about your blog. Picking a niche is a way to target in on the audience you are trying to reach. In addition, you want to pick a niche that is easy for you to blog about. Check out my post about picking a niche right here

For example, I was trying to make my blog a lifestyle blog. I love to cook and try different thing but I dread writing a blog post about it. Taking pictures and writing step by steps instruction was just not my thing. So my blog went neglected. I love to write about blog growth and social media marketing. Teaching other moms how to start a blog. How to reach an audience and how to find the brand that is right for them. When I realize that was my niche I stuck with that niche. Yes, there are time I may have writers block and don’t know what to write about but it does not mean I need to change my niche because of my temporary writers block.

Social Media is the bread and butter for a blogger.


5.   Let Your Self Be Known On Social Media. If you don’t like using social media of any kind then blogging is not for you. Social Media is the bread and butter for a blogger. Social Media is how your blog grow, reach new audiences and give you an idea of what you should post onto your blog. There are wide variety of social media to chose from when trying to become a blogger.

The all favorite of most bloggers is Pinterest. Yet don’t sleep on Instagram it has also become very popular with bloggers as well. The thing to remember is to find a social media outlet that you are comfortable with and use that to market your blog. Once you have become comfortable with that social media outlet then go to another social media outlet to reach your audience from there.  If you are intimated about social media marketing and how to grow your blog try out Traffic Transformation Guide.  It is really great at teaching you how to growing you blog with social media.

What I had to learn is that this is my business and if I want to grow my business then I have to take classes that cost money to help with my blog.


6.   Taking Courses To Grow Your Blog. As a blogger I am always taking classes on how to grow my blog. Let’s be honest knowledge is power when trying to grow your business. If you think you can grow your blog by not learning from season bloggers…then you are sadly mistaken. I know……I use to take the cheap way out and look a free stuff online to try get a glimpse on how to grow my blog.

What I had to learn is that this is my business and if I want to grow my business then I have to take classes that cost money to help with my blog. One of the classes I have taken is Adventures In SEO by Lena.  It taught me a lot about SEO growth. Venture out in taking paid courses to grow your. The perk of taking paid courses is that you can always go back to them and take refresher on anything you may have missed.

Hopefully these simple types will guide you on whether or not blogging is for you. If this post has help you any way please share.



Until Then My Friend


How To Start A Blog With SiteGround

This is the best time to start a blog.

Blogging has become a way for moms and dads to stay home an earn a decent income.

There are thousand of courses on how to earn money as blogger. With Facebook groups to Pinterest board there are topic specifically on how to grow your blog audience.

There is no better time start a blog and jump in the world of blogging. With a good web hosting site (I prefer SiteGround) you can start a blog within minutes.

What Do You Want To Blog About.

What is your blog niche? Is there something that you have knowledge of that you think that would be beneficial to someone else? This is very important because you want to make sure you have the right audience for you blog.

For example, if you love to make your own pattern for sewing. Then that is a niche that you can reach, There is nothing wrong have a different topic on your blog but you main focus show be about sewing,

Another reason to have a niche is because you can be the number one resource for your reader, There are certain bloggers I visit frequently when I need something answered, such as blog growth to easy family recipe That should be your goal. That your niche or blog is the resource that your reader come to about any niche you are providing.


Monetizing Your Blog.

Most bloggers start a blog to make extra money or turn their blog into a full time income. When choosing your niche you want to make sure it a niche that you can monetize. There are several ways to make money with your blog, Some ways to make money on your blog is sponsored post, affiliate marketing, sell space on their blog for advertiser, offer services or sell your own product.

The important thing  to remember is that your niche should be able to give you the opportunity to earn an income.

Choosing SiteGround As Your Web Hosting Site

When I started back blogging I knew I wanted a reliable and inexpensive web hosting site. I done my research and with SiteGround I knew I was getting a great deal on great service

Web Hosting SiteGroundThere Uptime is 99.99%

I started with Bluehost but I constantly kept getting reports that my site was down. As a blogger that is never good. With SiteGround I have never had that issue. They have a reliable uptime and if my site does go down it is only down for a couple of seconds. SiteGround has uptime of 99.99% which is great for blog






SiteGround Beginner Web Hosting 24/7 Service

SiteGround has 24/7 service. Either by chat or by phone. That is good if you are not computer savvy. Plus, if you are new blogger you want a web hosting site company that can help anytime you need them. I am a night hawk and I do majority of blogging at night. If something happen to my website I like the idea of reaching out to my web hosting company in the middle of the night instead of waiting the next day to speak with someone.




Choose A Package

SiteGround Packages

SiteGround has three package to choose from: Start Up, Grow Big, and Go Geek. I recommend as a new blogger to get the Start up. Here is why. As a new blogger you are still fine tuning your blog and trying to reach your audience. If blogging is something you are starting out as part time and want to grow full time later then getting the Start UP will be great for your budget. The Start UP it is only $3.95 per month which is great for anyone budget. Plus if you purchase one of the larger packages and realize blogging is not your thing at least you have not spent a whole lot of money.

Choose A Domain Name

Domain Name

If you have not chose a domain name you can choose one right on SiteGround, I recommend to get a .com domain name because it is recognizable and more common. A lot of people stress about having a blog name match that match their niche. I on the other head rather you not stress that much about it. My blog name is Blissful Corner but it is about mompreneurs and home management. Let me tell you I have change my blog name so many time trying to find something for my niche but I did not like it. My rule of thumb if you have a blog that has good SEO and good content the blog name is something you should not stress about.


Set Up Your Account

Fill out your account and client information


Then, you will fill out your payment and purchase information (to get a bigger discount select 12 month period or longer to get the 60% discount for the whole year


At end you will find a couple Extra Services you can keep or opt out. If you don’t need them don’t buy them and save some extra money.




Finally you need to agree to the terms and agreement to SitGround that is under the tile and your total amount will be display and click Pay Now.

Tadaaa! You have you set up your hosting blog.

Wasn’t painful at all, right? Next just install WordPress and start getting creative with the style and design of your new blog.

I can’t wait to hear about your blog.

When you set up you blog let me know I would love to follow you. Leave me your blog link under the comment section. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.




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